Big Brother’s Hair Is on Fire

In Trump-fawning’s latest iteration, he is All Things Historic. Having perceived the essence of the zeitgeist and defied punditry’s collective wisdom he’s captured, against all odds, the Republican nomination for president. Nothing like him has ever happened, ever, in American history. How did he do it? The talking heads are mystified.

Unmentioned are two lurking allies, super-powers you might say—Citizen’s United and its sidekick Ego.

Fact is, more voters voted against Trump than for him in most of the primaries but the crowded field of candidates did not winnow out as normally happened in the past when money ran out. Fueled by massive untraceable cash enabled by Citizen’s United and comparable amounts of ego, candidates with little support stayed in the race long past their expiration date.

This car brimming with clowns insured that Trump could continue to ‘win’ with only a sliver of the total votes cast, creating the illusion that he was viable—until, thanks to relentless Trump-fawning by the media, he was.

What’s historic is that these two factors—the gasoline of Citizen’s United and the spark of Ego—have never before been players in the electoral process.

I’m feeling the burn, but it ain’t from a progressive revolution.


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3 Responses to Big Brother’s Hair Is on Fire

  1. Cathy Hope says:

    OMG hope you get noticed!xo

  2. *Fact is, more voters voted against Trump than for him in most of the primaries* Regarding Nevada primary in which Trump was trumpeted as a big winner, i told a Trump supporter that actually Trump fielded very few votes relative to the overall number of Nevada vot*e*rs. He responded, yeah, but relative to the last primary, there were tons of new Republican voters (I checked, he was right), and he claims this was all new Trump voters.

    I’m a little unclear by the point you are making (sorry) — so if there was no Citizens United, and thus, there would not have been any candidates facing trump long after their expiration date, then what does that mean? That with no competition, Trump would not have been seen as viable? Is that the point you are making? Sorry, if i am not getting it.

    • meme_ster says:

      The combination of ego and money meant the Republicans were not forced to unify around one or two candidates, consolidating the non-Trump votes. Perhaps he would have prevailed, but we’ll never know. Whatever the case, Trump’s acumen was not the sole reason for his success, as the current spin is framing it.

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