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Here Comes the Sun: Field Notes from Election 2012

The meme_ster apologizes for going MIA over the past 48 hours since Barack Obama won the 2012 presidential election. I succumbed to an overwhelming desire to avoid  (and, to be honest, complete inability to assimilate) verbal information in any form … Continue reading

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How Do I Suppress Thy Vote? Let Me Count the Ways

Mid-way through Election Day 2012, my thoughts turn to voter suppression. The obvious ways the democracy-haters employ have been on public display for several years, as Republican-controlled state legislatures rubber-stamped ALEC-conceived voting restriction laws (such as needing to present identification) … Continue reading

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Our Not-Quite-White-Enough President

On Election Eve 2008, the world held its collective breath wondering how people in the United States would react to a black president. Riots? Burning crosses? Mass exodus? Assassination? Four years later, we know the answer. For the most part, … Continue reading

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Appeaser-in-Chief: Mr. Fix-It Goes to Washington

A new survey released today that’s getting a lot of play posed this question: “Regardless of whom you may support, who do you trust to do a better job of breaking the gridlock in Washington?” The result was that likely … Continue reading

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