Now What? A Post-Debate Pop Quiz for Progressives

What does it take to motivate disaffected progressives to engage in the democratic process in addition to whining about their disappointment in not getting a pony, especially when they get a pony? The president performed exceedingly well tonight in the second debate—I mean, how many people get busted by a fact-check on live teevee, after your opponent says “Please proceed”? Delicious. Still, the jury’s out if the myriad Dems and Progressives and Occupiers who have been so put out over the past two weeks will first make sure they themselves vote, and then volunteer for a few hours over the next 20 days to work for a Democratic victory on November 6th. Because we will have to work for it.

I am sure of one thing: the Republican/Conservative/tea partiers/Koch-heads will not rest until they have stolen, bought, or turned out all their voters while simultaneously suppressing ours. They see themselves as committed to a movement, while most progressives are lost in a fantasy bond with a non-existent wizard. If he doesn’t produce the pony every time, many progressives and Democrats take their little balls and go home—in fact, even when they get the pony, they take their little balls home. [Pause while I brace myself for flashbacks of the 2010 midterms. ] Unlike rightwing warriors, who work relentlessly regardless of whether their candidate wins or loses, Democrats and progressives elect and then abandon, ceding the practice of democracy to their elected officials, yet reserving the right to complain about how those mean old Republicans took over their state legislature or the House of Representatives, and now have the nerve to require vaginal probe sonograms or to deny birth control, for instance, or dismantle unions, or impose impossible restrictions on the voting process. How dare they?

But I digress.

What I’m looking for here are some couple o’ dozen energetic fired up canvassers in every precinct of every district of every state who will walk through their cities and towns and neighborhoods knocking on the doors of Democrats who need a little nudge to make the effort to vote. Canvassing is the essence of democracy: one person talking to another person about the importance of making your voice heard. And when you walk for the Obama campaign, you know you’ve got the most sophisticated Get Out The Vote organization in our country’s history behind you. They make it easy, much easier than facing down the Rombot for 90 minutes on live teevee.

Feeling better, my little progressives? What now? Please go by your local Obama campaign HQ and tell them you have the president’s back, then sign up for a few shifts.

Or how about 90 minutes? A little democracy goes a long way.


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4 Responses to Now What? A Post-Debate Pop Quiz for Progressives

  1. rdphotog says:

    It would appear that wherever we fall on the political spectrum, the great majority of us are prone to petulance when our pet issues–from gun control to cannabis–get short shrift, but hopefully voters will look at the big picture before it’s too late.

    After reading Glenn Greenwald’s deeply insightful analysis of the debates — in particular their hijacking from the grassroots League of Women Voters host to corporate canned sponsorship on behalf of both parties — my take-away is “Let’s boycott the debates until (a) the League of Women Voters are given back the reins and (b) legitimate third party candidates be allowed to participate.”

    • meme_ster says:

      Agree. I’ll put it on my list to start agitating on this matter starting Nov. 7th. Would be especially effective to focus on this when there is the possibility of making a change before 2016. Right now? Not so much, imo.

  3. Cat McGuire says:

    Daniel Ellsberg convincingly explains why people in the 12 swing states must vote Democratic — while nonetheless perfectly portraying the Obama administration for what it is.

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