The Debate’s Biggest Downside

The biggest downside of the president’s debate performance is that, after a wonderful month of rising optimism, it triggered the “he disappointed me” contingent of whining “progressives” who have a personal fantasy bond with him, instead of a long-term dedication to Democratic values. Thus, they have been strutting around the past few days proudly dragging their “he didn’t give me a pony” bones around and spreading cynical sarcastic grandiose bullshit all over GOTV.

I am so over them, I can hardly do my volunteer shifts at the local HQ.

This is a life path, not a celebrity cult. Obama is a lot of things, but the only thing I care about right now is that he is the Democratic candidate, and we need to elect him and every other Democrat up and down the ticket.

Whining about the pony or the public option or Bradley Manning or drones or any of that right now is an indulgence. Put a Post-it on it, and drive those issues home next month with a Democratic House, Senate, and President. Hold their feet to the fire with a vengeance, but right now, get them elected.

How ’bout those jobs numbers, people?

[For an exquisite energizing rant on this subject entitled “The GOP is in Full-On Loser Mode, So Let’s Bury Them All in Anvils” from lefthandedman, go here.]


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4 Responses to The Debate’s Biggest Downside

  1. Marilyn says:

    I told my disappointed friend, Ann, that one snowflake doesn’t make a winter. This didn’t mean a thing.

  2. Claire Weiner says:

    I agree with you one hundred percent. Claire

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