Something Caught My Eye

Watching Friday’s Rachel Maddow Show segment on the president and the secretary of state attending the transfer of the bodies of the four Americans murdered at the US Embassy in Bengazi, Libya, I saw something that seems unusual.

When Secretary Clinton made her remarks preceding the president’s, her statement was measured and resolute under circumstances that have to be personally heartbreaking.

She stood behind his podium, embellished with the presidential seal.

This seems unusual, the positioning.

And Hillary Clinton looked, to me, perfectly natural. I can see her there, leading the country as president.

I’m just sayin’.


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4 Responses to Something Caught My Eye

  1. Carol Plummer says:

    Also saw that. Very presidential, that gal. She is an amazing stateswoman and also knows a thing or two about foreign policy, something not all people running for president seem to think is important. HMMMMM

  2. Rita Wuebbeler says:

    And she seems to be led by something “on the inside” rather than external stuff – like most of her male counterparts……

  3. Marilyn says:

    We can only hope she feels up to it four years from now.

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