“Feckless”?: A Classic Case of Projection

The fast-breaking (and heartbreaking) developments in Libya and Egypt over the past 24 hours have prompted a flurry of activity in the Romney campaign, but one statement caught the meme_ster’s ear. Do you know what feckless means?

Over the past 24 hours, Mitt Romney made many decisions, primarily on how to respond not to the fast-breaking developments in Libya and Egypt, but to his perceptions of President Obama. Here is what caught my ear, a quote that appeared in a New York Times article: “Mr. Romney’s criticism fed into his larger theme of painting Mr. Obama as apologizing for the United States, and his team stuck by it. ‘While there may be differences of opinion regarding issues of timing,’ said one senior strategist, who asked not to be named, ‘I think everyone stands behind the critique of the administration, which we believe has conducted its foreign policy in a feckless manner.’”

Feckless means ineffective, unlikely to be successful, incompetent, useless, hopeless, spineless, feeble, weak, worthless.  Obviously, this is a classic case of projection, seeing one’s own characteristics in someone else. And, notably, the operative phrase above is “who asked not to be named.” [Dan Senor, I’m talking to you, buddy.]

There are still 8 Tuesdays before election day, and anything can happen. What needs to happen for sure is to make certain you are properly registered in your state, and that you and everyone you know actually votes.

In that regard, the meme_ster secured a certified copy of my birth certificate today.

Strange times.


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4 Responses to “Feckless”?: A Classic Case of Projection

  1. rdphotog says:

    Mitt’s a lot like Chris Kattan’s SNL character, “It’s not me, it’s him, right?”

  2. rdphotog says:

    On CNN this morning, I noticed in the text crawl that John McCain is parroting the f-word (feckless) also.

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