A Damper on the Big Dog

The meme_ster was in the conventional hall Wednesday night for Bill Clinton’s speech at the Democratic convention. Now, hearing the MSNBC boys go on and on about how fabulous he is, how no one else could do what he did, how he’s such a natural, how he’s showing Obama how it’s done, I feel the need to remind us of this:

Bill Clinton disgraced the presidency with his compulsive sexual exploits. He blew it, quite literally. He contributed to the rise of the right-wing extremists that have taken over the Republican party. And don’t get me started on his behavior in the 2008 primary fight. He owes Democrats, and the country, big time, with every bit of effort he put forward tonight, and more.

Good job tonight, but Clinton shouldn’t be praised to high heaven for simply doing what he should do. He has a lot to make up for.


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