Note to Republicans: The Virtues of Vetting

Conservative Republicans are very cranky today about Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid spreading rumors that their leading candidate and presumptive nominee for president Mitt Romney may not have paid taxes for ten years. How dare he! A rumor! And from the sacred chamber of the Senate, too.

Know what? I don’t think that’s what you’re upset about at all.

I’m going to make this short. Two words, conservative Republicans:

Sarah Palin.

I’m reminded of that definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Here’s the thing: What part of “vetting” do you guys not understand?

True, you’re not vetting in a totally different way than you didn’t vet in 2008. Then, you were looking for the game-changing veep pick that would bolster John McCain’s diminishing chances to win. You were desperate. Time was short. You took a huge risk and, setting aside the utter contempt your choice showed for the responsibilities of the office, I have to admit it took guts.

This time, it’s inexplicable.

You’ve had plenty of time and many opportunities. Mitt Romney’s been running for president for a hundred years. He’s richer than anyone any average American knows, by ruthless means that make the word “profiteer” seem like a compliment.  He was vetted for consideration as vice president by McCain, and turned over 20+ years of tax returns, just four years ago. In the primaries, your own team raked him over the coals for not releasing his tax returns. Yet you guys aren’t making him come clean in the Big Game, even as his limp chances of winning lose any turgidity at all. It’s the contempt again, for the office and for the American people.

And your own party. You’ve now got your own people having to defend your candidate’s tax record based on his word alone. That’s gotta hurt, especially with this candidate.

Vetting! Give it a try.

Next time.


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One Response to Note to Republicans: The Virtues of Vetting

  1. Rita Wuebbeler says:

    Exquisite! Should I laugh or cry? I think I’ll do the former!

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